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QML Filter Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd has a complete sales service system, complete staffing, including  filters engineers, membrane engineers and related technical personnel. At Present,there are 80+warehouse in 50 cities,Providng products from all over the world with one-stop water treat purchasing services and a comprehensive after-sales network . Product types include: PP melt blown filter cartridge,PP string wound filter cartridge, Polyster cellulose filter cartridge, Activated carbon filter cartridge, PP/PES/NYLON/PVDF Membrane pleated filter cartridge, High flow filter cartridge,Pool&Spa filter cartridge, Refrigerator filter, Filter bags, RO/UF/NF membrane, FRP/SS membrane housing and Air compressor parts .
Our company with the customer front, the prestige front, the quality front, for you to provide high quality filter parts.
About us QML Filter Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd  specialize in selling Filter Parts. Products are mainly used for: Household, industrial prodcing,
and various kinds of machinery manufacturing supporting and maintenance.
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